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The Importance of Having a Fresh, Updated Website Design

Everything on the Internet is a visual experience. If your website isn’t constructed with up-to-date design standards, prospects will have a bad experience. And much like in brick-and-mortar scenarios, you don’t want anyone to feel this way about your company. That’s why it’s so important to have a fresh, updated website design every three to […]

The Practical Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers

We’ve spoken about how outbound builds your brand, and how it differs from inbound marketing. Today, we’d like to take that a step further in this practical guide for manufacturing and industrial marketing in 2015. In this article, we’ll expound on these points: The Importance of Marketing Strategy How Different Outbound Channels Add Value Why […]

Building Market Share on a Foundation of Positive Thinking

Successful people have “vision”. They visualize success before it happens, then effectively take strategic steps to realize goals. That vision and positive thinking allow them to uncover opportunity in challenges that others miss. The best of these are known as “visionaries” – the highest compliment we can pay to a positive thinker. Thomas Edison, a […]

25 Years and Counting…..

Wow! This year, Gotham is celebrating a quarter-century in the marketing business. A flood of memories – good and bad – return to me as I wax nostalgic about this long journey, but the word that sums it all up for me is gratitude. First, I owe gratitude to God for blessing me with a […]

The Importance of Experience in Marketing

New marketing tools are created and abandoned every day. New channels for message distribution appear and skyrocket in popularity, only to fizzle just as fast.  New companies appear, shine brightly for a few months or years, then disappear. While marketing seems to be a young, constantly evolving industry – and it is, to an extent […]

It Pays To Know The Difference Between Markup and Margin.

You say “tomato” and she says “tomahto.” Same thing, right? Right. But if you say “margin” and she says “markup,” you’re talking about two separate things. And it pays to know which is which because you can lose money by focusing on one and not on the other. Merriam-Webster defines markup is “an amount added […]

Hit the Bullseye with Target Marketing

Mass marketing is not as effective as it once was. It had its heyday when we had a choice of three major channels on TV and limited options for mass media otherwise. We’re all but immune to the huge campaigns that bombard us from every angle, especially since we know that the same message is […]

How Outbound Marketing Builds Your Brand

While “inbound marketing” which involves pulling prospects to a website is currently the hot trend, traditional advertising and marketing methods continue to produce results. These tactics that have worked for generations are now called “outbound marketing.” Outbound marketing involves anything your company does to project your message outward. This may include: marketing strategies advertising in […]

Wasp Catchers: A Case in Point on the 4 Ps of Marketing

Recently, I was in an antique store in Lenoir, NC. looking for a unique gift for my wife. While the store had some interesting artifacts, I really didn’t find anything that flipped my switch. My daughter Maggie, however, did find something she wanted to purchase. Ambling up to the cashier to pay, something overhead caught […]

Industrial B2B vs. Traditional B2C Marketing – Completely Different Animals

It’s easy to assume everyone understands the inherent difference between marketing to businesses (business to business, or B2B) and marketing to consumers (business to consumer, or B2C), especially if you’re on the inside of the marketing industry, neck deep in the process every day.  Here’s a brief rundown of the differences between B2B marketing – […]

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